The Great, The Fun, The Crazy (Things I Love)


The Great, The Fun, The Crazy

(Things I Love)

By ModernMelly


I know I’m being cliche, but the truth really is, when women get together we (at some point) talk about beauty and fashion and all things ‘girly’. We talk about politics (gasp!) theology (really!) the meaning of life, and… where’d you get that lipstick?

Why not embrace the lighter, more frivolous side of life; you must be as tired a I am of all the heavy stuff, right? So, let’s get to it! Today I’m sharing some of my personal must haves that I’ve been asked about over the years. You’ll see that I tend to stick in the lower to mid price range on products, and I can say for all of them listed below, they are of great quality, long lasting and I have had no problems with any. Everyone’s experience and taste is their own,  but my experience has been excellent! And as much as my classic ADD wants me to jumble them all up, I’ll break them down into categories for easier reading:

Health (Read my Healthy Living story HERE and HERE & watch the video HERE)

Everyone knows the benefits of coconut oil by now, right?  Read all the info, fatty chain length, blah blah blah… okay, good. ( If not, find it HERE) Now, how about avocado oil? (Read it HERE) Well, I’m obsessed with both! La Tourangelle has several oils that I use and love. Here’s a couple I use and love for both cooking and skincare:

This was my first Kombucha Starter Kit  (Learn more), and let’s not forget the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)! Here’s my favorites:

Gadgets & Gismos

By nature, I am not a fan of kitchen gadgets, I prefer good old fashioned manual labor. Weird, right? However, there ARE a few that I’d prefer to not live without & get very frequent use in my kitchen:

So these two aren’t kitchen gadgets, but for healthy living geared towards ‘beginners’, they’re kitchen must haves (plus, visit my favorite experts for more Dr. William Davis, Danielle Walker, and The Paleo Mom ) for :


Beauty is subjective, and relative, and in the eye of the beholder, and that’s my lame excuse for why I’ve included the first product, which is rather silly( Read about my wacky love HERE), the second, I use in the shower every day, the third is simply OMG worthy:


This section would be endless, so I’ll just put up my current obsession & my all time favorite book/movie. * Note: if you haven’t seen the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice, you have never truly seen it for the masterpiece it is! (Wanna see him? Here’s COLIN)

Random Favorites

Told ya those were random!  If you have products YOU love, I’d love to hear about them!

About Modern Melly, aka Melanie Cherniack: Melanie a a published author to nine children’s books, as well as two novels, all available through her website Melanie is also the founder and designer of the #goodhuman brand, selling empowering, uplifting and inspiring merchandise which benefits numerous charities. Visit for more. She is available for book signing events as well as speaking engagements. To book an event email Melanie at Find Melly on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.



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