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A rainy Sunday morning and 30 minutes of scrolling my Facebook news feed was all it took to get this one going. All that’s missing is my morning cup of coffee in my ‘writing cup’, but I’ll grab that after its done brewing & in between sentences. You wont even notice I’m gone.

So, I’m not going to pontificate and lecture on the currently trending topics, because as my husband once reminded me, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.” Not eloquent, but true, and simply meaning that just because you have one, it doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear it.

Instead, I want to offer up a solution, a simple truth, for absolutely no one to take. I know, I know- everyone has a solution for  life’s problems, just read your ten thousand inspirational quotes and memes to see it’s true. Examples? Sure:

modernmelly.meInspirational MemesIt always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson MandelaPhotos Celebrities share Inspirational memes on Instagram

Aww, sweet, right? Motivational! Inspirational! Almost comical! No, no, I only half mean that one. My Pinterest has an Inspirational Quotes ( and a Funny Quotes) board, who am I trying to kid?! But the thing is, it’s SO one dimensional, so ‘Ta-daaa! All better!’ Perky grin, chipper outlook restored.  Due to my love of stupid humor, I’m most likely to post one like this when I see those touching ‘life will get better’ memes:

Inspirational Memes - 81 results

Just this morning alone I read quotes about “Accept Me For How I Am” and “I want a man who’ll love me at my worst, blah, blah, blah.” As well as, “All you need to be in life is honest.” Oh, let me not forget, ” All I want is for my children to be happy.” THAT one- Oh My GOD. So you’re cool if your kid is an asshole, just as long as he’s happy?! Of course not, we all know that, but still. It’s just stupid.

Okay, okay, you waiting patiently for the real answer, or solution to this thing called life? Because, seriously, I have it. You’re going to do a total palm smack to the forehead, it’s that simple. Ready for it? Here it is:


Wait, I’ll make it a meme so it’ll have merit:





So simple, right? Then how is it so impossible? Here’s my soapbox moment (it’ll be brief): We are SO, SO very out of balance. As a country and as human beings. We are a hot fricking mess. Why? We have no balance. We teach our children that they are the most awesome creatures ever, but we forget to tell them that everyone else is equally awesome. We build them up so high, and forget to teach the to build up others. The cheesy but sweet memes from earlier? The one about honesty: no. Your honesty is not always welcome. I don’t need you to tell me I look fat today, or tired, or my roots are showing. No shit Sherlock. There are times to speak forthrightly, and times to shut your mouth. Balance.

“I want a man who’ll love me at my worst.. blah, blah, blah” So, if you act like a miserable bitch because you’re having a bad day/week/year, you think anyone who is healthy minded and happy will want to subject them self to that?  Wake up, sunshine, you get what you give. (Yes, there’s a meme for that) If you’ve got a good man, be a good woman. If you’ve had a bad day, and it’s not of their doing, don’t take it out on them. Find Balance.

Same applies to literally everything in life. Don’t overindulge. Don’t overshare. Overspend. Over think. And don’t punish yourself for a damn cupcake, don’t bottle up your feelings, don’t be miserly, and don’t be a mindless twit.

Think I’m oversimplifying? Wrong! Think about everything in your life, good and bad. Cross off the things out of your immediate control- weather, economy, etc- and look at what you are in control of. There’s really very little on that list. In fact, it’s just YOU. When you are out of balance, it affects every aspect of your life. Your life, in fact should be in constant self assessment with the one persistent quest for balance. Lean too much one way or the other, and your emotional equilibrium goes kaput.

So stop taking those memes and quotes so damn literally. Seek personal balance. Ask yourself the hard questions about whatever is wrong in your life. No offense, but it IS your doing, whether by action or inaction. Time to really feel that tightrope beneath your feet and find your balance.

Oh, by the way, I was technically actually writing this to myself, but I thought it could help you as well. Pulling ones self up by their own bootstraps is perhaps the most gratifying of deeds, is it not?

Be well, but better yet… be balanced.

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