We Have Forgotten

I admit it. I hash-tagged “Never Forget” this morning, posted it on social media along with one of the many, many, heart breaking photos from September 11, 2011. Then I immediately regretted it. But not because I don’t feel it, or think it. Not because I don’t have reverence and solemnity for all those innocent lives lost that day, or pride and gratitude to the thousands of heroes who risked and gave their lives to save others. No, I feel that deeply. Most of all, it isn’t because I have forgotten. I, just like you, remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, and even what I’d been thinking in those terrible hours. I watched, like many of you, the second plane hit that tower. I gasped, my eyes welled. Yes, I was shocked, confused, scared… in disbelief that this was happening. Just. Like. You.

It is none of that. What it is, that instant regret, was the realization of it’s utter hypocrisy. It’s a lie, one we tell ourselves to make us feel as though we are decent, compassionate humans. Hang on, before you get all pissed off that I’m saying that you’re not those things. Yes, individually? You’re great. I’m great. The guy or woman next to you, they’re great , too.

But collectively? We’ve hit an all time high in Suck-ability. Suck-ishness, if you will,and an all time low in sensibility. Seriously, look around. We don’t need another country to bomb us: we are imploding. We’re putting up a figurative hand to every enemy and saying, “Whoa, whoa, hang on fellas! No need, we can fuck ourselves up just finnnne without your help! You just put your feet up right there, grab some popcorn and watch the show!”

I mean, hey: lookie here; to your left you’ve got the second biggest racial divide in history. Racism is back in fashion, because apparently history has taught us nothing. Of course, now, the “tables have turned” so that must make it a good idea, right? Rightttt. I know, I know: let’s hate and kill people for the color of┬átheir skin, (or the uniform they wear), that”ll fix everything!! Criminals are martyrs, Police are villains, and lawlessness is the new cool kid on the block, yay us!! ( please tell me you see the blatant sarcasm here?)

Oh, and to our right, we’ve got your religious wing nut as a poster child for.. well, for whatever the hell, and we’ve 17 (oh, my God, is that right?) Republican Presidential candidates vying for that top spot as your Lord and Sav– oh, oops, I mean President. No worries, though we’ve a Socialist and future federal prisoner running on the other side. Super cool!! (more sarcasm)

So listen, sarcasm and snark aside: Please, when we say, “Never Forget”, can we for the love of all those people, not forget? Remember the shared grief, shock and horror we felt together. Remember the flags waving in pride and unity across the country. Remember how we bonded. No color lines, no religious lines… just Americans. United by tragedy, and propelled to action by outrage to an affront and attack on the American way of life. Does history really have to repeat itself to join us once again? Are we that foolish?

Say it isn’t so, America. Say it isn’t so….

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