12 Happy Pages For Social Media Addicts



12 Happy Pages For Social Media Addicts

By Modern Melly


Hello fellow social media addicts! Disclaimer: This is not a support group, nor will I try to persuade you to step away from the computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone and go enjoy nature and a real conversation with spoken words and no emoticons. Nope, that’s someone else’s job.


My self appointed job today, for this minute, is to share some tips to keep you from falling into the abyss that is sometimes opened by your social media’s news feed. You know what I mean- the endless stream of abused puppy memes (SHARE this horrific image if you’re against animal abuse!) child abuse (SHARE if you agree that child abuse must STOP NOW, keep scrolling if you’re a heartless bastard!) and domestic abuse (Hit LIKE if you think abusers belong in jail!).

Then there’s the actual news pages that you’ve “liked” and followed for the obvious reason: news, where you get your daily dose of doom, gloom,  and disaster. Don’t forget political arguments, theology wars, literal war, and anything else your social media friends are mad about in any given moment and need the world to know they’re mad. (Totally guilty of that one, BTW)


Sure, there’s the happy sprinkling of positive posting, “Loving Life!” and “Best Dinner Ever, Nom, Nom, NOMMMM!!!” with picture proof, of course. Lovely and inspirational quotes, memes of ponies at sunset, sunsets, sunrises, happy, happy, happy! Good stuff, feel good stuff… it’s there, of course it’s there, too!


But have you noticed yourself rolling your eyes at those cheery little chirps? Scoffing with an exaggerated, “Oh, pu-leeze“? Assuming that your friend, who just posted for the umpteenth time, “Life is Good! I love my man!” (with their millionth selfie that looks exactly like every other selfie she’s ever posted) is really full of shit and is probably miserable and her husband is probably cheating on her?


Well, then, you my friend, may have fallen into the Social Media Bad Feels Funk. S.M.B.F.F. for my acronym lovers out there. Or, you’re naturally a miserable fuck. Hey, you do know already that I swear a lot, right? ‘Cause  I do. A lot. Sorry, Mom. Anyhow, let’s assume it’s the former and not the latter.

Good news, I can help you. Again, it does not involve stepping away from your ‘weapon’ of choice. It’s a simple matter of adding numerous happy/positive/uplifting pages to your feed. Ta-Daaahhhh!! I’ll make even more simple: I’m giving you my list of favorite Facebook pages that I have liked and followed  (and therefore have popping up in my news feed regularly). You may pleasantly discover yourself hashtagging #FaithInHumanityRestored way more often than #PeopleSuck and generally feeling just a little bit better about the world.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite “feel good” sources for positive news/stories/memes/quotes and whatever the hell else there is out there (most if not all have Twitter, Instagram,  and websites as well. This is just FB links, FYI):


Feel Good Pages:

Good News Network – Self explanatory

The Mighty – great stories of overcoming adversity

Positive Attitude Quotes self explanatory

Dalai Lama please tell me you know of the Dalai Lama, yes?!

Joel Osteen if ya don’t like religion, skip this one

Tim Tebow Foundation this one, too

Maya Angelou – ^ ditto

Olivia’s Heartland pretty things

Beautiful Places – um, obv!

Elvis Presley – if Elvis doesn’t bring you joy, you are lost

Tony Robbins– Get ready to be MOTIVATED

Funny Memes – because laughter is the best medicine

Damn, I know there’s more, but this is a nice start. I see this stuff every day, and it really does remind of everything that’s good in the world. We need that. All of us, we need that. It’s right up there with food, oxygen and water, for real. So go like those pages and get happy, damn it! Tell ’em modernmelly.com sent you, too 😉


*About Melly: Melly, aka Melanie Cherniack is author to several children’s books, all intent on promoting empowerment, inspiration, and uplifting stories. She also has two published novels, with two mhttp://modernmelly.me vintage girl modern worldore to be released soon. She is NOT a therapist, psychologist or any other ‘-ist’, but rather professes to be a regular, everyday woman sharing the lessons she’s learned in life, from failures to triumphs and everything in between. If you liked this post, please SHARE it!



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