I Can Only Imagine


I felt compelled today to take a moment and write a passage that speaks to a phrase I find myself often saying to my husband when hearing about things that have happened on the job over the years. For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a 30+ year veteran Police Officer (in my world, those two words get capitalized). That phrase, as if you haven’t already guessed by the post title, is : I Can Only Imagine.


I Can Only Imagine

I can’t see the things you’ve seen,

I can only imagine.

I can’t hear the sounds that echo in your mind in the quiet of the night,

I can only imagine.

The smell of fear, stench of death; I can’t know,

I can only imagine.

Voices raised in hatred, or ragged with anguish, or desperate in need,

I can only imagine.

The despair, the depravity, the senselessness,

I can only imagine.

But I also can imagine this:

You as the protector, the reluctant warrior, the peace maker.

You as that which stands before the dark shadows so that others live in light.

You as steadfast soldier, the voice of reason, the bringer of calm in the midst of chaos.

You as the humble hero, the modest deflector of praise, the one with conviction and faith

Despite all that you’ve seen and known.

How heavy your burden must be, how weary your soul,

I can only imagine.

Yet, to us you come with love and compassion, and

With the gentleness and care of someone who knows too well our fragile existence. 

You’ve made your burden our gift, and for that and so much more, I thank you.

Now more than ever, our family members in law enforcement need us to have their backs. Feel free to share, and if you like the beautiful image attached to the post, visit: www.patriotwood.com. (I have no affiliation with the company, but used their photo & want to give credit). 

I leave you with this reminder:

“They are our Heroes, we are their Haven” – Melly

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