25 Priceless Texts Only Mom Could Write


25 Priceless Texts Only Mom Could Write
MAY 09, 2013

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s that time we appreciate all that Mom has done for us over the years.

Yes, those 3 a.m. feedings were crucial and packing our lunches was a big deal, but there’s something else that they’ve done that really proves how much they care — texting. We all know moms would much rather pick up a phone and give us kids a ring to chat about our day or make sure we are eating our veggies. But moms are aware that texting is the true key to 21st century kid-to-parent communication, so they try.

Granted, trying is often paired with failing, so even though moms text, it can be awkward, confusing and traumatizing. We’ve gathered texting snafus between mothers and children from Damn You Autocorrect that will have you permanently ditch texting for a simple old-fashioned phone call with Mommy.

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