Learning To Stay Above The Fray (An Open Letter)

Learning To Stay Above The Fray

(An Open Letter)

by ModernMelly

Let Me Start By Saying…

Obviously, by my many posts, you know I’m a wee bit opinionated. Not in a dick-ish way (I hope, at least), just in a “I’ve a very strong, set perspective” way. For instance, I’ve been a little very vocal  on the candidates and who’d best serve.  None of which I’ll repeat here, in this post, because it would kind of totally defeat the purpose and message I’m shooting for. Instead, here’s what I want to tell you all.

Dear Friends, Family, Acquaintances, (and Strangers I Don’t Know But Have Facebook/Twitter Fought Hard):

I wholeheartedly disagree with you. However, I do love that we all seem to have the same hopes and dreams for our children and our/their future, which is of course simply a better world. I hope for all of our sake, we are both wrong about what we think the ‘other candidate’ will do to this country & world if elected. Let’s face is, we are equally positive that the ‘other guy/gal’ is going to send us all to hell in a hand basket. I hope that whichever ‘side’ wins, they do what we hope they’ll do.


Ironic, isn’t it? We (all most of us) want the same damn things: A Thriving Economy, World Peace, Security, Equality, Jobs, Health Care, Opportunity, oh, and that little thing called Freedom. We just strongly disagree on who will do the job, who will get us there. By strong, I mean vehemently.


Now, here’s the part you will love: I’m pulling back from the fray. Not because I feel any less passionately, but because it is a pointless, circular conversation that has the power to end acquaintances that had previously been pleasant. I’ve unfollowed and been unfollowed, and likewise un-friended, un-liked, and so on, and will continue to do so for the sake of my blood pressure and my sanity. I’ve had to do that, and though I’m not sorry, I’m sad. People I genuinely thought I liked, are people that now horrify me and I can’t even look at. Wow, right? Maybe you can’t understand such an extreme reaction, maybe you can. Either way, all I can say is that we all have our ‘line in the sand’ that we draw. For me, (and besides the obvious- messing with my kids/my family) it’s anything that affects/relates/impacts the people of law enforcement. Once you make a conscious or even unconscious stand against them, you take a stand against the core of who my family is. And that mean you’ve got to go.


So, in short…

Yes: I will ‘like’, occasionally repost/share, maintain my view and opinion and reserve it for those who are like-minded and/or actively seek engaging in political & social banter in an intelligent non-combative manner. The rest of you (you who like pictures of ponies, you who likes recipe posts, you who just wants everyone to see what she had for dinner, and allll the rest of you who stay the fuck out of the political media circus by deliberate choice or just don’t care about it) will be spared my soap box tirades and such. Generally. For the most part. (Gotta throw in a disclaimer just in case I go off the rails here and there).

No, this girl’s gonna hang back, read, wait, and watch. When time comes I will let my vote speak for me and then, well, then I’m just going to pray,  whether  I’ll be praying I’m right, or I’m wrong, time will only tell. Wishing us all the best of luck. We’re going to need it…

About Modern Melly, aka Melanie Cherniack: Melanie a a published author to nine children’s books, as well as two novels, all available through her website modernmelly.com/shop. Melanie is also the founder and designer of the #goodhuman brand, selling empowering, uplifting and inspiring merchandise which benefits numerous charities. Visit igoodhuman.com for more. She is available for book signing events as well as speaking engagements. To book an event email Melanie at modernmellyworld@gmail.com. Find Melly on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

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