You Have No Power Over Me

You Have No Power Over Me

A Modern Melly original post & pep talk for 2017

There’s a line in the movie Labyrinth (high on my ALL TIME FAVORITES list) when Sarah (Jennifer Connolly) remembers  the one, most singular truth she’d not realized about Jareth, the Goblin King (David Bowie, I kid you not) and herself, really. It is this (SPOILER ALERT),“You have no power over me.”

If, by some bizarre happenstance, you are not a Labyrinth fan, the above clip may be seriously hokey and lame to you. I’ll forgive you that. I mean, it was made in 1986, so cut them some slack, huh?! Anyhoooo, it’s that line, that phrase, “you have no power over me’ that has stuck with me my whole adult life and has empowered me time and again. (and partially influenced my book, Into the Everwood)

When I quit smoking… “You have no power over me.

When I ended a bad relationship “You have no power over me.

And another…  “You have no power over me.”

When I felt almost paralyzed by fear… “You have no power over me.”

Self doubt… “You have no power over me.”

Anxiety & stress… “You have no power over me.”

Yeah, you get the idea. It is, dare I say it, powerful to reclaim yourself from anything you’ve ever let hold you down. Do it. Say it. Every single day if you have you. Like, in your head and out loud,  driving in the car, folding you laundry, or in the shower…whenever, wherever. I mean, maybe not in public spaces (unless you like freaking people out, that is). Just direct that phrase towards anything or anyone holding you back.

You are the master of your destiny.

You are a fierce, bad ass warrior.

You define you.

You own you.

You have power over you.

Take this little post, and share it with anyone you see in need. Build girls and  boys up to be strong, brave and true, and to never let anyone steal their power, and if someone has, then you remind them to say that phrase, that line from the quirky little cult classic movie,

“You have no power over me.”

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And please, watch the movie, at least once in your life. There’s even a fan page, you know: Labyrinth Lovers ! EEEK. right?!

Hey, have a kick ass 2017, too, okay?

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