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Melanie Cherniack

aka Modern Melly


Self Published Author * Award Winning Blogger * Owner/Creator of #goodhuman

Melanie is a lifelong Connecticut native and resident, married mother of two grown children & has spent over twenty years working with children of all ages.

After a lifetime of inspiration from her own childhood, her children & those she has worked with over the years, 2015 was the year in which she achieved her long time goal of writing and publishing books for children to enlighten, encourage & entertain.

As a blogger, Melanie has found a unique voice and style for which she was given the “Versatile Writers” Award, as well as a growing and diverse audience. She tackles topics ranging from parenthood to fashion, music to politics, and everything in between, all with a penchants for finding the lighter side, the humor, and most of all, the beauty in the imperfections of life.

As author to NINE children’s books, Melanie’s ambition is to lend her voice to the many who inspire children to be their best, practice kindness, and have self confidence. Melanie has also published two full length novels, Into the Everwood and Livvy Takes the Long Way (under the pen name Elsa Kurt), with a third soon to be released.

Because THAT wasn’t enough, Melanie began her company, simply called #goodhuman, where the slogan is :do good.be good. She designs & sells statement apparel to inspire, uplift & empower through positive messaging. Many of her items benefit various charities dear to Melanie’s heart, with proceeds going directly to verified charities, so when you buy #goodhuman, you do good in the world.

 Call or email Melanie for a *FREE book reading and signing event at your elementary school, church, or community program!

Email: modernmellyworld@gmail.com

*books must be made available for sale before, throughout, and after the event for free reading

All available books can be found: here

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