Into the Everwood


“A Modern Day Fairy-Tale For the Ages…” Step through a mysterious door in the heart of a strange forest, and into a world like no other. Two small-town kids: Seventeen year old Mala: a strong-willed, self-described misfit. Jaime: her tall, handsome best friend. He’s the brooding rebel boy that all the girls love, but only has eyes for Mala, and she’s the girl looking to escape her mundane small town life. When Jaime tells Mala about the door in the Everwood, she is certain it leads to an adventure, despite his insistence that it leads nowhere. Though he’s reluctance, he follows her back to the door in the dark of night. So begins an epic adventure or terror and thrills, with creatures great and terrible. Will they survive? Can they ever return from this strange world? Will Mala ever realize how much Jaime loves her? So many questions, so much to discover in… Into the Everwood.

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Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime…


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